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I got to work on a script by Tom Stoppard, work with someone like Judy Dench – people I just couldn’t believe I was on set with.Growing up watching stuff like Shakespeare in Love and going to theatre school, working with Tom Stoppard was a huge treat.In between, De Haan has become a fashion icon, mixing daring combinations with classic styles, and often makes the best-dressed lists in men’s magazines. That was something I tried to honour and something I think sets him apart from other action heroes.After this year’s turn as the protagonist in A Cure for Wellness, De Haan has starred in a science-fiction epic Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, directed by Luc Besson, and Tulip Fever, a drama set in the 17th century. I remember there’s one comic where he goes back to gladiator times and competes against five Alpha warriors in some kind of ancient games and wins only because a lot of lucky things happen to him – not because he’s the strongest guy in the room or the more capable guy, but because luck is on his side and because he has Laureline by his side. If you see a frame of The Fifth Element and a frame of Valerian, you know you’re watching a Luc Besson sci-fi movie. He doesn’t shy away from the eccentricity of it all, from bringing his own voice to it. There’s no American movie studio behind it, so he gets to do what he wants to do.

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Instead, his big-budget features have been good movies that can’t access his charisma (, Luc Besson cast De Haan to get away from the glazed, hyperfit leading-man standard issued by Marvel. Most of the time he’s lucky, sometimes he says stupid things.

They are two worlds that, I think, go together kind of easily and they’re both important to me. I want to look like I’m happy to be where I am and dress for the circumstances. I read them but, honestly, I stay more current with fashion with things like Twitter. It’s not not after the singer – we liked the association to him – but we also like that it’s a strong, androgynous name.

It’s important to look sharp, and not just like I went to a store and bought a shirt and a tie and that’s it. I follow a lot of the fashion publications on Twitter and Instagram, whether it’s . In terms of ambition, it’s weird because I never really pursued fashion. I really enjoy it and I hope it continues but I don’t have a modelling agent or anything. I hope I continue to express myself with fashion and I hope people continue to respond to it. We obviously both like David Bowie a lot and also the name itself.

The pallet of clothes I get to play with has become pretty mind-blowing.

I really enjoy working with my stylist as I’m going on these press tours and seeing all these amazing clothes. It’s the way I like to express myself, with the way I dress.

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