When do summer and seth start dating

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I was debuting in NXT in 2014 or 15 and I made friends and enemies along the way, and everything.......

Alex shows up at the dance, and takes care of Seth after Zach punches him, and they end up sharing a kiss at the Bait Shop where they've gone to get a first aid kit.

As their relationship has progressed, Seth keeps trying to impress her by being a "bad boy" by getting drunk and stealing Caleb's car.

While there, he asks Alex for advice on Summer, oblivious to the fact that Alex actually knows Seth and Summer.She stated in the first episode that she appeared in (The New Kids on the Block) that she had attended (and got expelled from) numerous public schools in the surrounding areas.It's then revealed in a later episode (The Accomplice) that she had got emancipated from her parents; having done this, she dropped out of high school, got a job at The Bait Shop and moved into an apartment on the numeric streets of Newport Beach.The next day, Alex then questions why they hang out so much, which ended up hurting Marissa's feelings.Later on, though, at The Bait Shop, Alex is listening to Rachael Yamagata sing a sultry tune when Marissa approaches her from behind and takes her hand, weaving their fingers together. On Valentine's Day, Marissa goes to see Alex at the Bait Shop after an awful dinner with Julie Cooper.

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