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You are only allowed to have a phone number, in this case my cell phone, configured for one Twitter account.

So to accomplish my goal of splitting out the technical tweets from the personal tweets I needed to move my cell phone over to the new account.

You can still participate in Twitter and have the relevant stuff go to your mobile device while the less critical stuff is waiting for you on your Twitter home page.

So fear not about turning on Device Updates on Twitter.

And like a number of geeks, I carry several mobile Internet devices at all times.

*Keep this in mind if you have yet to sign up for Twitter, and be sure to pick a really unique username that isn’t likely to appear as part of normal conversation, or even as a part of a word. SMS allows you to send and receive text messages from a cell phone to other phones and services like Web sites, voice-mail systems and e-mail servers.When you send a text message from your phone to Twitter, the message transmits to a mobile switching center (MSC), which sends the signal to a signal transfer point (STP).Now, Twitter allows "promoted tweets," which are paid ads.These generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for the company.

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