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Kubeflow is an open source project dedicated to providing easy-to-use Machine Learning (ML) resources on top of a Kubernetes cluster.

Most prominently, Kubeflow eases the installation of Tensor Flow and provides the mechanisms for leveraging GPUs attached to the underlying host in the execution of ML jobs submitted to it.

Enterprises deploying Hadoop solutions need a high performance, scalable and reliable infrastructure and can expend a large amount of resource searching for the best architecture and the most capable solution provider.

The Supermicro Hadoop Solutions are certified server, storage, networking, software and service configurations that take the guess work out of designing and deploying a truly scalable Big Data infrastructure.

At Supermicro, we take pride in building HPC solutions from the ground up.

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In case of some of these disruptive technologies like NVMe, Supermicro is an established leader with the broadest range of products that customers can choose from.

Supermicro RSD total solution accelerates large scale data center deployments by elevating provisioning and management to the rack level and maximizes resource utilization through disaggregating compute, network and storage resources distributed within a rack or across multiple racks.

Learn more Supermicro and Microsoft have partnered together to deliver industry leading "fully certified solutions".

Supermicro RSD, a rack-scale total solution, empowers cloud service providers, telecoms, and Fortune 500 companies to build their own agile, efficient, software-defined data centers.

Built on industry-standard, RESTful Redfish APIs from Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF) and open-source Intel® Rack Scale Design software framework, Supermicro RSD integrated rack solution can be flexibly configured using Supermicro's broad and optimized server, storage and switch hardware products.

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