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Russians no longer dominate Dushanbe’s ethnic mixture; they constitute less than one-third of the city’s inhabitants.

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Smaller towns include the old settlements of Kŭlob, Qŭrghonteppa (Kurgan-Tyube), and Ŭroteppa (Ura-Tyube) and the newer Qayroqqum, Norak, and Tursunzoda.Dushanbe is the capital city of the country of Tajikistan.The word translates to “Monday” in the native language because of the huge market that was held there each Monday. This is the nightclub to check out if you are a fan of less stuffy.Despite sectarian differences (most Tajiks are Persian languages are closely related and mutually intelligible.The Tajiks’ centuries-old economic symbiosis with oasis-dwelling Uzbeks also somewhat confuses the expression of a distinctive Tajik national identity.

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