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By delaying or ignoring the conflict, the avoider hopes the problem resolves itself without a confrontation.Those who actively avoid conflict frequently have low esteem or hold a position of low power.The emphasis is not placed on consistency of accommodation, but rather on meeting the documented need for individual accommodation.There are other impairments (neurological and medical conditions) which do not fit under the major categories already discussed but which are covered under Section 504 and the ADA. heart conditions, sickle cell anemia, hemophilia, arthritis, asthma, diabetes, respiratory disorders, cancer, kidney problems, Tourette’s Syndrome, severe chronic pain) can affect students by significantly impairing their energy level, memory, mobility, speech, vision, or muscular coordination.

Or maybe you want to build up credit for accommodating that you might use later.

Business owners frequently employ compromise during contract negotiations with other businesses when each party stands to lose something valuable, such as a customer or necessary service.

Competition operates as a zero-sum game, in which one side wins and other loses.

The use of accommodation often occurs when one of the parties wishes to keep the peace or perceives the issue as minor.

For example, a business that requires formal dress may institute a "casual Friday" policy as a low-stakes means of keeping the peace with the rank and file.

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