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” That said, there is still a good population of PC owners who acknowledge the program’s importance and benefits.After all, you can use the Voice Recorder app for recording conversations, interviews, lectures, and virtually anything that makes a sound.After completing the steps above, your recording will be saved automatically in .m4a format inside the Sound Recordings folder.You will be able to find this folder inside the Documents folder.

If you want to take a break without terminating the recording session, you can click the Pause button.

As such, it can be challenging to identify the files you need.

If you want to rename an audio recording, you can follow the steps below: After completing the steps above, the audio file will be saved with your specified file name inside the Sound Recording folder.

Skype Microphone problems are usually device oriented. Try the fixes mentioned above and see if they help you, but if your microphone is still not working with Skype, try restarting the Skype app.

This post has some additional tips to fix Skype audio and video problems.

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