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Also, when it comes to pictorial storytelling, multiple pictures can be used, as opposed to using a single image. In the above image, you see a collage that is actually used as a Facebook cover photo by Starbucks that visualizes their many fans in selfies drinking their coffee.

It combines the personalization and a rising trend like the selfies. And sometimes you can convey your complete story with just a single image, as shown in the example below: Image taken from Coca-Cola's Pinterest page.

Examples of the Different Types of Visual Media used for Storytelling.

There are different types of visual storytelling in social media and they can be in the form of slideshows, infographics or quoted images, like the one shown at the top of this post.

In this episode, Alison and Alpine discuss an inspiring new anthem for red-haired people, the startlingly effective food activism of a 9-year-old Scottish blogger, and a Youtube series that reviews frozen meals.

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Take a look at Buzzfeed for example, it uses creative visual storytelling in most of its articles.This image tells the story of how Coca Cola trucks used to look many years ago, reinforcing the idea of experience.This stand-alone single vintage photograph is enough to tell the history of the company without the need of a caption.You can call it moving photos or micro videos, whatever it may be, the trend is hot and happening, and you need to take timely advantage of this.Take a look at a sample micro video by Dunkin Donuts where the coffees and lattes represent football players and pink straws are the goal posts.

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