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The Society \ elected him President, and they had sever- \ al of the mery~-lt was moonlight, flection that your V/': ks are remembered — • people came from the ship into the iower that thev are rerafcmbered to inspire ^•'ith j part of the house, and k»^jit up such a frolic virtuot.s the breasts ct ynui as thee mi vast- ly rich, had several farms and had pur- chased many negroe Sj it vi^ould have been unanimous.— and that very speech continued W.F, the poor Irish weaver, in Congress as long as his age would admit. 29 negur be goad tiiigj—but fuot ; Iiy he no feel it ? —(^ natural and inherent rights, and receives the reward of ^is industry, his ingenuity, or his enterprise. oners to sell to de slabe trader-^and dens wat make dem in dis cristen country buy d".

a blessing to be brought to THK NATCRAL RIGHT OF ALL i this free Christian country, [; Caeaar—(asicle) MEN," Jack ! Caesnr.— -Berry happy gettin de peck o'/ "i an ho ail rawj corn a week; eatin de cotton back bare to de hot sun, an made whsppin wid de cowbkia ! — -You saucy lying r Ssca^, this is not the way yon are treated. to be se.lf-e.viilent;^ that a Uf7ne}i are created equal, and endoivf Ll by iheir Creator wiih certuin ii Kalu'iiahiz rights; that among these are life, iiberhj^ and the par Hid of happiness.''^'— I^bci An a » These are, iudf-ed, "truths," which are worthy of Universal regard; and .1 1; uat v;i U Svand the test, aud bear the scrutiny ot time. Jajiigs.— -Whv everv bodv knowg ^ every body knowg t lat the negroes are not fit to enjoy their libert^j they are so debased and degraded, that they never could get a living without somebody to oversee them. Kow far the Coionei proceeued in this E-hapsodicai soliloquy, I do not know; but let m now-^turo our attention to what pas- sed in another part of the house, bet' .eenhis son James and one. husband from de wife, de chilren froni de fader and de moder, an make em mo$& break de heart; make em lib wus dan de dog; not let um go to^ (fbeetin, some places, t» lam er%in;gib um no cloxe hardly, an aot- ten hardly to eat, wile dey make poot feller work, ready to kill hesef ? - J«mes.— The negroes have so littlfe eafe,' beir^g provided tor always, by their mast'er Sj, that they are much more happy than thej, v.'oo Id be if they were free. fme gib it to du black r'jai Sj we U- rable period when the d'sclaration of Ame- rican Independence wao f'rst pramulgated; when the patriotic tongue of a Jp^t^'sore gave Utterance to those emphatic words, those al- most super-human sestiments which i have Mopted as a etaading motto fo F the"iseiiiu3 of Universal Emarscipu'ioji" viz;-- " ^Ve hold t'lese trn Uii-'.Jwstscear.d humanity- requires of us a general leviiijul oi the laws relative to Ne- groes, irs order the better to a(! »'We houi these truth.., to b.-; seif-e/vdeut: liiat all raei ave.creaied equal, and endowed by (^rea U)v wiih c^vu^h^ ui. K.ble, rij^-his; -thi.t among these &vc life, iibci-iy, and the pursuit of Declaraci'j:: i'nil'j'tmi'inc-} U, ^^ No. Altho' the spirit of reform has slumbered a while, it only rested a little season to obtain new vigor.- — It is again arousedj and let it have your ben- edictions; for your countenance and en- couragement will be a powerful stimulant.4jjt them to tii H character oi our iisstituiious, a'lii the situation ol uur country, I would also recoimiiend to the Jjegisia- ture lu ciiact more e Kective saws to -~~Ten dollars per dozen copies^ for companies. , ^CT'^omplete Jiks mag be hail from thi .i Sin U) BY HKNJTv^UN i. It k to be hoped that nothing can prevent the ultimate consumatioa of the holy work. tiiat some of us are too zealous; but ioolc back, for a mo- ment, and gjc what has been the moral effect produced by your own aninvited exertions, together with those of a.

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