Pros cons dating younger man lietuviu online dating site

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If you are a younger girl and are considering dating an older guy exclusively, you will want to proceed with caution.Dating a man who is older than you are certainly very different from dating a younger man or one who is of your age.They are driven by desires rather than constrained by obligations.Being around a younger man may actually help you set and reach your personal goals, because his ambition and energy inspire you.With the availability of online dating, it makes it easy to find someone who is not within your age bracket.

They may be the kind of mature guys who enjoy going to concerts, taking spontaneous trips, and participating in a unique and/or fun hobby that most people their own age may find dangerous, strange or meaningless.

The younger a man is, the less “baggage” he carries.

If you are dating a man in his 20s rather than his 40s, you probably won’t have decades of past relationships and other issues to deal with.

Given those variables, it’s only logical that the older woman-younger man relationship can actually work.

Here are some ways “cougars” and their “cubs” can make love last.

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