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Each day is divided into several periods of time: “Morning”, “After School”, “Evening”, and so on.When you are not in school (which you will be, usually, given the Japanese educational system) you are free to spend your time accordingly.

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During this 25th hour of the day, your school transforms into a diabolic, seemingly never-ending tower called Tartarus.

Sporting a baseball cap and goatee, Junpei is simply the easiest to relate to.

His favourite activities include not caring about school, shamelessly flirting with every girl in class to no avail, and playing net games. But, what makes him such a great character is the transformation that he undergoes, metaphorically speaking, from beginning to near-end.

Both students of Gekkoukan High School, where you are transferring to.

features an assorted cast of characters, some of whom are handled better than others.

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