Parenting teens that are dating

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Ask why your teen wants to dress or look a certain way and try to understand how your teen is feeling.You also might want to discuss how others might perceive them if they look different — help your teen understand how he or she might be viewed.Answer the early questions kids have about bodies, such as the differences between boys and girls and where babies come from.But don't overload them with information — just answer their questions.If parents have appropriate expectations, teens will likely try to meet them.

Still, they usually understand and need to know that their parents care enough about them to expect certain things such as good grades, acceptable behavior, and sticking to the house rules.

When you consider that the teen years are a period of intense growth, not only physically but emotionally and intellectually, it's understandable that it's a time of confusion and upheaval for many families.

Despite some adults' negative perceptions about teens, they are often energetic, thoughtful, and idealistic, with a deep interest in what's fair and right.

" Looking for a roadmap to find your way through these years? Expect some mood changes in your typically sunny child, and be prepared for more conflict as he or she matures as an individual.

Parents who know what's coming can cope with it better. Starting to talk about menstruation or wet dreams after they've already begun is starting too late.

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