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Paolo Banchero is a top five prospect in the 2021 class who’s mulling a move to 2020, so of course he’s receiving a ton of attention from college coaches across the country; in fact, one coach went so far as to pry into Banchero’s dating life.In a blog post for USA Today High School Sports, Banchero described a conversation with Rick Barnes in which the Tennessee head coach asked about his girlfriend. Of course, I said yes, and then he said he was sure she wouldn’t mind me coming to Knoxville, Tennessee.Emily and Paolo met at Loyola University Chicago, where Paolo was in law school and Emily was in graduate school. The bride, daughter of Anne Wilk of Michigan and the late John Wilk, graduated from Lansing Catholic and Loyola University Chicago.Emily was an RA in the residence hall where Paolo lived. Emily works at New York University in the student affairs department. The attention should be on Phoebe, but instead the writers focus on Rachel, who, to put it blatantly, is actually more concerned about how she's been betrayed rather than what has happened to her good friend. The writers should pay attention to Phoebe's feelings and Paolo's actions - not for cheating on Rachel, but for touching Phoebe. That is exactly the kind of toxic, misogynistic idea we have thrown in our faces every day, and that is rape culture. In this case, the writers are dismissing Phoebe and Paolo's situation and moving on without so much as a nod to Phoebe's state and admitting that Paolo's behaviour needs to be dealt with (preferably in a courtroom). Sure, learning that your boyfriend hit on someone else (the show says hit-on, but it was so much more than hit-on - he violently groped a woman's body) is obviously going to be a shock, but it is not worse than what the assault victim/survivor is feeling. Sexual assault is not a joke, and if you're writing it into a comedy and throwing laughs at it, what the hell - excuse my language - are you thinking? Is a guy pawing at a girl's butt without her consent funny to you? S included a hundred incidents of sexual assault I would still hate every single one with the same vehemence (and yes, I'd stop watching the show too). The paintings were much admired in the 15th century; Lorenzo de' Medici so coveted them that he purchased one and had the remaining two forcibly removed to the Palazzo Medici.

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In the rest of the show, Paolo hasn't shown up again. But the show's handling of the sexual assault on Phoebe highlights four troubling points.

The dark horse in the Louvre panel, mounted by Micheletto Attendolo, can be seen painted in a tapestry, in the first segment ("Metzengerstein") of the 1968 omnibus film Spirits of the Dead.

In the 4th Episode (Lucrezia's Wedding) of the 2011 TV Series The Borgias, the London and Louvre panel is shown adorning the dining hall walls of the Florentine Prince when cardinal Della Rovere visits him in Florence.

Similar to that of a tapestry, the landscape rises up in a picture plane as opposed to receding deeply into space.

This illusion of a backdrop and a perspective theme resembling a stage, depicts the war as a theatrical ceremony.

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