Pantyhose chat lines

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Putting on nylon pantyhose takes care and patience. I loved that there was no little cotton swatch in the crotch. Do you know how hard it is to have a legitimate reason to keep a file folder in your hands for a few hours so you can cover a growing tent in your pants? A fifteen minute break is just enough time to take care of a little business.

It’s hard as hell, especially when your cock won’t stop twitching and throbbing! It sucks, because it means we have to come back and because I’ve got to get up from this conference table.

Of course, it meant I couldn’t ask her out, but it didn’t matter. I rubbed the fabric between my fingers, the feeling unlike anything I’d ever experienced. I was so careful putting them on, terrified of causing a run.

Bunching them up in my hands, I gingerly inserted my foot into the toe and began to pull them up, slowly, painstakingly. I woke up rested and ready to face the day – and my dumbass boss.

I’d never done that before, but I’m sure it would make the nylon feel even better. It took several minutes, but finally I had both feet in and was ready to pull them up. There was nothing that was going to get between my cock and balls and those nylons. But fucking hell, the stockings against my skin have kept me hard as a rock all day. The secret is tease and denial, and you don't need to be much on the brain compartment to figure ethis one out.These horny MILFs and pantyhose feet amateurs are nude, but still covered and the almost part is what turn us on. Hell, if it gets bad enough, I might consider taking them off before I get home. Basically, we want to hear every detail of your fetish when you dial into our erotic fantasy phone sex line. I have to choke back the growl as jets of hot jizz spurt from my cock. At least it’ll give me something better to think about than spreadsheets and pie graphs of dwindling sales. It might chafe, the wetness and the nylon rubbing against my cock, but it’s a chance I’m willing to take. At least now I don’t have to hide my hard-on anymore. We want to hear all about the different kinds of nylon stockings and pantyhose styles you have worn and or experimented with over the years, We want to hear how you have fantasized about humping a woman’s pantyhose encased leg and ejaculating all over it.

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