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It was implied on-air that the ONN show "Fact Zone with Brooke Alvarez" is "simulcasted" on IFC Friday nights at 10pm ET.IFC renewed Onion News Network for a second season, which was sponsored by Acura.In 2013, The Onion ceased publishing its print edition and launched Onion Labs, an advertising agency.s articles cover current events, both real and fictional, satirizing the tone and format of traditional news organizations with stories, editorials, op-ed pieces, and man-on-the-street interviews using a traditional news website layout and an editorial voice modeled after that of the Associated Press. Click Hole is a satirical website from The Onion founded in 2014 that parodies clickbait websites such as Buzz Feed and Upworthy.The publication's humor often depends on presenting mundane, everyday events as newsworthy, surreal, or alarming (such as "Rotation of Earth Throws Entire North American Continent into Darkness"). "People always ask questions about where the name The Onion came from", said former President Sean Mills in an interview with Wikinews; "and, when I recently asked (co-founder) Tim Keck, who was one of the founders, he told me...literally that his uncle said he should call it The Onion when he saw him and Chris Johnson eating an onion sandwich.

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In 2007, the organization began publishing satirical news audio and video online, as the Onion News Network. Initially created in 1993 as a supplement to the parent publication, The A. Club is an entertainment and pop culture publication that contains interviews and reviews of newly released media and other weekly features.

Brooke Alvarez's cold personality is a result of her childhood trauma in the Russian space program, Obama puts CEO of highly profitable and terrible tasting beverage in charge of U. economy, Tea Party activist running for seat in Supreme Court, Gavin Fisher goes undercover as stereotypical Chinese personas to investigate counterfeit goods, O'Brady Shaw rushes to the scene of a shooting that may or may not have happened, crazy woman Michele Bachmann claims to be treated differently than crazy men, environmentalist claims that bogs and marshes aren't just dead body landfills, opinion polls up for Mitt Romney after prostitute admits to paying him for sex, and the plan for stimulating the economy is coconuts. : Search for missing fat black man continues, medical expert Dr.

Kareem Mazari talks about children who refuse to take off their costume after Halloween, Applebee's new advertising campaign suggests hipsters dine there ironically, Jim and Tracy investigate discrimination against obese people by going undercover, attractive blonde woman questioned in case of missing fat black man, high school girls run clothing charity drive for their peers, chef demonstrates how to prepare needlessly expensive and time-wasting food, local weather conditions are vulgar, award-winning country artist's new album inspired by true stories of rural life and meth, and a man claiming to be the missing fat black man complains the news coverage is ruining the sick call he made to his employer.

Asteroid set to destroy Earth in 30 minutes, screenwriter's plan to stop asteroid with attractive everymen failed miserably, Shelby Cross intends to rule the post-apocalyptic world, U. releases apocalypse themed progressive rock concept album created with entire emergency fund, the First Responders analyze a new bill prevents the friend-less from purchasing guns (only to decay into a rant how they want to punch Brooke in her "goddamn, hitch face"), today NOW!

interviews boy about his "totally awesome" encounter with a shark, sluts and muscle-bound douchebags gathered in military bunker to repopulate the earth, this day in 1982 the first boom-box carrying rollerskater was elected to congress, guy born with goddamn stupid-looking face finds solace in Association of Americans with Hateful Faces, and Mayor who counterfeited coupons to save .81 has resigned. S., Obama's approval rating increases after punching banker, Shelby Cross instructs ONN viewers to thoroughly search their neighbor's homes for missing Baby Kate, banker punched by Obama promptly assaulted by reporters at press conference, FOX's X-Factor attempts to compete with quietly sitting in the dark, HBO's Boardwalk Empire being retooled to take place in modern day New Jersey, Sci-fi fans debating how producers will eventually ruin FOX's Terra Nova, ONN's O'Brady Shaw over-emotionally reports death of teen he didn't know, First Responders ponder how best to kill random civilians with robots, and Biden proudly announces shit he took on the NY Stock Exchange.

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