No ip ubuntu not updating

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NO-IP then associates that IP with the domain name so services can be setup against the domain rather than the IP that changes. Many routers have a built in NO-IP client, but my router doesn't support NO-IP, and for whatever reason, I could never get the client that NO-IP recommended for a Linux host to work.

In this case, look for the line in the file that says “# The primary network interface” and directly beneath this you’ll see something like (the default DHCP configuration): If you’ve been using previous versions of Ubuntu you might have noticed that the interface name above “ens160” looks a bit odd.

For those less familiar with NO-IP, it is a free dynamic DNS service.

Most home and small office connections to the Internet have a dynamic IP, which means the IP addresses changes most every time the connection from the router is established.

A lot of people use Google’s public DNS, or if you have details from your service provide use them instead.

Double-check the file again, and ensure all details are correct, before proceeding.

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