My sirius radio keeps saying updating

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When I tune to Sirius, all I get is an error message stating either "acquiring signal" or "updating channels".

Sirius keeps sending a refresh signal but to no avail.

During the update, you're supposed to leave the tuner on and not supposed to change the channels.

It could take up to two minutes but it's usually alot quicker so long as you leave it alone while it updates.

I think that the "updating channels" messages happen pretty infrequently, and they usually only last for a minute or two.

Your situation defintiely sounds like it was not the norm. I wonder if the updates take longer if the signal gets blocked at all during the update process. I'm not sure if changing sources would cause the problem though.

A few of our listeners who have specific types of radios may experience minor technical issues once these channel additions and adjustments are completed.

You shouldn't have to have another update for a while. Not listening to SIRIUS since last weekend just isn't an option for me. But Joel is absolutly right, you MUST leave the HU in SIRIUS mode until the update is completed.

"My Satellite problem has been fixed by Sirius, probably permanently.

They do it by putting your SDARS unit's EIN into a "protected tier" in their computer system so that when they tell their system to send all the channels for free, our radios do not accept more than the total number of channels which our head units were designed to hold which causes them lock up." Read more: "Sirius XM has established a process where they add the ESN of the affected vehicle to a "protected tier" they have established for these MB vehicles in their system.

It prevents the radio from seeing the additional channels and thus solves the problem.

Regional Manager names for direct customer interaction (they can fill you in on more detail should you need it).

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