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Entertainment journalists would later speculate that the actress's developmental years had left her with deep-seated fears of abandonment."She wanted me to be like her father and I wanted to do it for her," Smith said.And yes, fuck it, we have it on good authority that Aaron Rodgers is gay. Sorry, I don’t really know — I know it’s not Richard Petty-long, but I don’t watch that redneck shit. She’s mostly noted, career-wise, for posing in sexy outfits in magazines … Ann-Margret's parents reportedly disapproved of their relationship, likely because Smith, a father of three, was technically still married—but that didn't stop the pair from tying the knot in a Las Vegas civil ceremony two years after Smith's divorce was final.On May 8, 1967, Ann-Margret, 26, and Roger Smith, 34, were married in a cigarette-smoke-filled room at the Riviera Hotel. "I think everyone thought I was pregnant because I was crying though the whole thing.In 1980, Smith was diagnosed with the rare neuromuscular disease myasthenia gravis, a chronic autoimmune condition that can cause difficulty swallowing and speaking, and muscle weakness in the arms and legs.

"The man that I married is the man I knew I was going to marry on the third date," Ann-Margret told the in 1994.

Smith, then in his late 20s, was starring in television's was over and Roger Smith was separated from his wife of nine years, Australian actress Victoria Shaw.

They began dating after Smith invited her to the San Francisco nightclub where he was singing.

Danica Patrick is from Illinois, a life-long Chicago Bears’ fan. While first suggesting that she’s always been a QB1 fan and cheered for him individually, she has reversed her allegiance.

“Even though I was a Chicago Bears fan, I just couldn’t help myself but become a Green Bay Packers fan because of Aaron Rodgers.

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