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CR helped to mobilize support in Congress to create the CFPB, an independent agency responsible for overseeing the financial industry with powers to police abusive practices and to enact new consumer protections.CR was one of the first groups to test food packaging for BPA.

— Zoe Whittall (@zoewhittall) August 28, 2019 This set off a wave of replies, with many quick…CR tests showed two-thirds of seat belts failed basic safety and durability tests, leading CR to call for better belts and for federal standards that incorporated crash testing. When CR first crash-tested car seats, 12 out of 15 were rated Not Acceptable. Department of Agriculture data, CR found pesticide levels in some fruits and vegetables were too high.After CR published its findings, the government required manufacturers to certify that their seats would pass a similar test. Shortly after, one of the pesticides was banned for use on food crops commonly consumed by children.Read more Noted author, transcendentalist, and now exposed literary sadboi Henry David Thoreau was recently called out for his less-than-honest portrayal of his time at Walden Pond.In a Twitter thread, writer Zoe Whittall observes: A thing I wish I knew about Thoreau as a teenager was that his mother brought him sandwiches and Walden Pond was on her property.

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