Lawyer dating a client

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Some jurisdictions have two types of lawyers, barrister and solicitors, whilst others fuse the two.A barrister is a lawyer who specializes in higher court appearances.They may have to perform extensive research into relevant facts.Also, they are drafting legal papers and preparing for an oral argument.

In some countries, like Japan, a scrivener or clerk may fill out court forms and draft simple papers for lay persons who cannot afford or do not need attorneys, and advise them on how to manage and argue their own cases.In countries like the United States, that have fused legal professions, there are trial lawyers who specialize in trying cases in court, but trial lawyers do not have a legal monopoly like barristers.In some countries, litigants have the option of arguing pro se, or on their own behalf.In a few countries, there is a special category of jurists with a monopoly over this form of advocacy; for example, France formerly had conseils juridiques (who were merged into the main legal profession in 1991).An important aspect of a lawyer's job is developing and managing relationships with clients (or the client's employees, if the lawyer works in-house for a government or corporation).

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