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Keith was dropped from the show following the incident, hut ‘ince has gotten work in other spots. commented last week on his reactions during his stay in New York. "Snip- pels in New York During the Week." ho wrote. I fear, be 'Coni inued on page 71 ) Sullivan’s Europe Quickie, Guest Emcee for ‘Toast’ Ed Sullivan will be absent from tin* Dee.

"I saw how a first class play like Roger Mac- Dougal’s ' sic i ‘Escapade’ can be ruined by inept production, care- less east in" and uninspired writ- ing. 2* tele show at whic h time he’il be vacationing in Europe. Syndicated columnist for the V V Daily News who corfducts "Toast of the Town" on CBS-TV will go abroad with his family for the holidays. Eyebrow-raiser within the TV trade 'among those who have already witnessed a screening of the film* is the fact that, in reprising the highlights of the Cantor show biz cavalcade, through his /icgteld Follies days” into radio, there's.

1 1 calling for the subsidized promotion of French dims 1 hat are being re- leased through a subsidized agency, would be contrary to assurances given by M PICA prey John- ston.

was contained in a wire from the Independent Motion Picture Distributors Assn, ot America.

Jane Wyman, as pretty a bun- dle as ever faced a lens, en- tered. Everywhere, a shake of the head, a questioning look, accompanies discussion of this season's tryout fare. Congressmen are to be asked to intercede to permit the exhibition of a recently-made Ger- man film dealing with the life of \dolph Hitler which has hqen banned on the personal orders “of Chancellor Adenauer after its day- c Late opening in 20 West German ‘-it nations.

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CITY ZONE STATE One Year — .00 Two Years— -SI 8.00 Canada and Foreign — SI Additional per Year y^Rf ETY '"«• 1 54 W«»t 44th Street N«w York 34.

"Late Love." into its eighth week currently at the Booth, N. Show is doing modest business, but is the only opener of recent months to receive solid pans and survive at all.

Indication that it’s primarily (Continued on page 82 • Eddie Cantin' lias a different conception about IV stars huek- .tenrig their current spun or \s pioduet ‘if it is done with in* r- Mi - g- nee ” The vet comedian agn i , with tip- agencies that "tia! with the kind of money actors at e getting, tin- spun oi can’t afford to have some eaitoon spot eomrnct- ctals or some strange annum eer ell mg the corrilm» Ware- lienee the p: ic e spun J .deiif if ieat ion mu i re i with the RCA Sets 300G Adv.

Pcq- approved standard system for TV tickets on color. just to However, despite dcaler-cuslorn- cs in Mary er relations tfmt black-and-w hite er video will he a continoing bys T- ltcs these ness; that 14-inch tinted TV set- living their will cost S8OO-$L.

OO0; that produc- that seems tion will be necessarily slow, the ■v.

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