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I knew he had to be the one dating Miley Cyrus because he was just so full of himself.Kevin was just a sweetheart and talking to all the girls in the room.CS: I believe in karma, so it's like don't go in and bad mouth or try to screw up something for someone else and may the best man win. TEEN: How do you deal with jealousy in this business?

She has guest starred in Wizards of Waverly Place and Summerland.

“He was just a good friend and I was really excited to see him.” During the hour-long interview, Chelsea also reveals: —How awkward it was co-starring with Steven Mc Queen – whom she’d just broken up with after a two-year relationship – in last year’s Disney Channel flick, .

—Why she cringes at the thought that there’s a video out there of her “singing in one of my mom’s dresses – with balloon boobs.” —Why ocean is like “our version of Perez.” —How she and BFF Nicole Gale Anderson were both up for the role of Stella in JONAS – though how it all turned out peachy in the end.

Chelsea Staub: I grew up doing musical theater and my first paying job was the national tour of ? ­­­­­Nick was maybe 14 at the time and just adorable.

CS: I got the show before the Jonas Brothers were really known at all. I went into the audition and loved the role of Stella and then went in again for my call back. I remember Joe walking into the audition with like sunglasses on, big Nike sneakers, and just sat down in the chair and was just like too cool for school.

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