Invalidating car warranty

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Independent dealers will usually offer some sort of cover - usually three months.

But if you want a longer warranty then an ‘aftermarket’ warranty will probably offer the best combination of price and cover, leaving you to negotiate the best price for the car with the dealer.

Used car warranties will usually be for either three months, six months or twelve months.

Make sure you take note of any potential mileage cap on this though, as running over could invalidate your claim. If you are buying an aftermarket warranty, the more you pay, the better the cover will be.

This should be comprehensive, meaning most parts and labour are covered if something goes wrong.

Examples of guaranteed items include all engine and gearbox issues, plus any electric, suspension or engine problems.

What's more, extended warranty companies have age restrictions on cars.

Most companies won't cover cars that are 10 years old or more or have more than 100,000 miles on the clock.

Which parts are covered for repair is also dependent on the individual warranty, with manufacturer-backed policies tending to guarantee just about everything on the car, while independent third party insurance will often exclude certain items.

Once again that depends on the warranty in question.

New car policies will typically last for at least three years or a set mileage – whichever comes first – however some will go up to seven years.

When you buy a used car that's out of its warranty period, dealers will usually offer an extended warranty.

Franchised dealers will tend to offer an Approved Used warranty that is promoted by the manufacturer and often comes as part of the deal.

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