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Initially the love from the manipulator is unconditional, but slowly and surely that love becomes conditional.The victim has to follow the manipulator's rules in order for the love to continue.This kind of start to a relationship is why many victims don't see the abuse when it starts and then later on they have difficulty accepting that they are actually being abused.All the violence, whether it's verbal, mental, physical or sexual, affect the victim in certain ways.And the victim has experienced so much pleasure and nice times that he or she wants it to continue so initially they agree to go along with the manipulator's requests in order to maintain the nice feelings.

The victim believes that the partner is loving, caring, intelligent, 'a good catch' and so on.Anytime you find yourself without access to your close friends and family because of a new partner, you need to run! If you could see them easily, you would obviously leave the relationship straight away. They present themselves as the perfect partner for the target in front of them.But you can't readily spot them because they are typically hidden from you. In a normal situation, things go something like this: Girl meets boy. They will let the target know that they have the same interests, the same fears, the same history, the same desires.There must be something going on for these situations to arise.Something is hidden from the victim, or they are controlled in such a way that they end up tolerating the abuse.

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