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When you date, adhering to your standards and needs is essential, creating expectations, however, is not.If you’re in a relationship you hold one another accountable for certain roles, which is understandable but instead of losing it when your partner doesn’t do something you expect them to do (dishes from the night before), remember they aren’t perfect.That’s not to say there’s not a time and place to be a little more discerning, though.Fleming suggests trying to practice tolerance and give someone space to deliver until something becomes a pattern.

And why shouldn’t we expect certain things from the people we date? It’s not wrong to have desires, needs and requirements, and there’s definitely nothing wrong with wanting your love interest or partner to fulfill those needs, however when it becomes a demand, the vibe gets killed, especially when it’s too early on in your relationship.How do we get what we want without creating pressure?How do we stay true to ourselves and our goals without expecting the people we are with to show up in the ways we want them to immediately? There’s a fine line between expectations and standards.You get so excited about something that you end up building it up in your mind.When it doesn’t happen or when it does, only differently than you imagined, you feel let down.

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