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Rather than rehashing the standard D&D method of picking a class at the start and progressing through a tech tree specific to that class, EQ Next featured a Multiclass System.

Players could choose from one of eight base classes at the start of the game, then discover many others by simply playing the game.

They could switch between their available classes at any time except while in combat.

While there were no artificial limitations on how many classes one player can discover, there may have been faction-based limitations.

If provoked enough, those orcs might've uprooted their camp and moved to a new location they believed would be easier to pick off wandering adventurers.

Players might've then done a quest that changes the patrol route of guards, which further angered an orc emperor somewhere nearby who would then send even more orcs to fight back.

The player's choice of equipped weapon determined which skills were available.

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Ever Quest Next's former Director of Development, Dave Georgeson, referred to these key features as the four "holy grails" that would bring innovation to the MMO genre that were never possible before.Dynamic AI like this example was planned to be present throughout EQ Next, which meant the world was continuously changing based on the actions of individual players as well as collective groups of players.Server-wide Public Quests that can take months of real time to complete and have a permanent impact on that server's version of Norrath.Ever Quest Next was set to utilize a multiclass system that allowed players to pick and choose aspects of many familiar and not-so-familiar classes to create their own unique characters.The game did not have levels in the traditional sense.

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