Effective internet dating ad

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She is a very intelligent young lady holding a Master's degree.With a cheerful disposition and friendly nature, we're sure that you will be happy with your choice.Let’s plan a chat time at XXX(dating service) to talk over the XXX(whatever from previous paragraph). --------------------------------- The secret to a good response to someone’s personal ad or their response to your personal ad is to keep it short; to connect through what you already know about that someone; point out only one or two things you have in common and, finally, don’t ramble on about your life, the disappointments you’ve had, the hard day at work or anything that would be complaining!I’m usually good to catch online around XXX(time here). ME --------------------------------- Hi XXX, Nice photo. Follow what I say and you’ll be happily meeting new people online and asking for, and getting, the dates you want!They should help give you an idea on what type of profiles get attention and have more people responding to it. A little bit about myself: I enjoy travel, camping by a lake, gardening, home decorating, Comedy Clubs & Dinner Theater, music, my dog, & celebrating special occasions.Sometime all it takes is a bit of inspiration to come up with a good personal ad of your own. I am self-sufficient, independent, honest, I have a great sense of humor, & family & friends are very important to me. I have a couple leads that give me hope that it may have been found, including a vague description.

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If you think you may have found my smile, please e-mail me as I really need it to be myself. When people are sometimes asked to describe me, the term "spark plug" is often used.

Delete the awful sentences and rewrite your reply so you’ll have a real chance of a response.

Don’t worry, here are some sample emails that you can send, either as a response to someone’s personal ad or a reply to their message to you.

I'm looking for a man who shares my views on love, family and friends and is ready for all of it to begin with me.

The great thing about online dating is that it isn’t instant (unless your IM’ing someone! You’re not talking to someone face-to-face, you have the opportunity to fully think out what to say to someone.

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