Eclipse maven updating indexes forever

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These features make working with remote repositories from inside of Eclipse so much easier and faster.After all the hours you may have spent doing these types of tasks by manually over the last few years - visiting repositories through a web browser, downloading artifacts and grepping through them for classes and POMs - you'll find that m2eclipse is a welcome change for the better.

Can you make it so it only does this if my POM is changed?I'm wondering if it might have to do with me switching my project to use target/ instead of target-eclipse/.My hunch is that this is somehow related to me running maven on the command line as well. Dan Why is the m2e plugin always updating my dependencies all the time?Figure 7.1, “Manually Adding a Dependency to the Project's POM” shows how I added a dependency for into the query field, m2eclipse queries the repository indexes and even shows a version of the artifact that is currently in my local Maven repository.This option is preferred because it is such a tremendous time saver.

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