Diablo 3 stuck at updating tools dating patterns in other countries

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POL_Wine_Override DLL "native,builtin" "vcruntime140" POL_Wine_Override DLL "native,builtin" "msvcp140" POL_Wine_Override DLL "native,builtin" "ucrtbase" # Updated dependancies, Most no longer needed due to wine 2.0 (07-APR-2017) POL_Call POL_Install_corefonts POL_Call POL_Install_Physx POL_Debug_Message "Running Install File -------------------------" POL_Wine_Wait Before "$TITLE" POL_Wine "$Setup Is" POL_Setup Window_VMS "1024" POL_System_Tmp Delete POL_Debug_Message "Creating Shortcut ----------------------------" POL_Shortcut "Launcher.exe" "$TITLE" "" "" "Game" POL_Debug_Message "Install Completed ----------------------------" POL_Setup Window_message "$(eval_gettext 'Blizzard application Installation Complete')\n\n$(eval_gettext 'IMPORTANT: Login to the Blizzard app by using the email and password entries near the bottom of the login window, not the nice looking ones near the top.

You may also want to check the box for Keep Me Always Loged In.

Then login to Blizzard and install the Diablo III game files.')" POL_Setup Window_Close exit 0 Hello.

If you are curious how Challenge Rift builds are chosen each week, you can view this official blog post!

/usr/bin/env playonlinux-bash # Date : (2017-04-07) # Wine version used : 2.4-staging # Distribution used to test : Ubuntu 16.04 LTS # NVidia Ge Force GTX 960/PCIe/SSE2 # AMD FX(tm)-6300 Six-Core Processor × 6 # CHANGELOG # [Some Guy42] (09-APR-2017) # Wine 2.0-rc3-staging = 2.5-staging # 2.5 has many preinstalled components and should make the install simpler/more stable # Blizzard app v1.8.0.8600 (formerly Battle.net) # Diablo 3 Patch # [Ravon TUS] (06-JAN-2017) # added Dependencies to improve the install # Wine 1.7.15 = 2.0-rc3-staging # Battle.

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