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Problem is, there's no guarantee the people in these general interest groups will be looking for potential partners.For that there are meet-up groups specifically for singles.If you like to golf, include a picture on the links.

But, according to Julie Spira of, as larger, more established dating sites launch similar services, they’ll likely be adopted for less salacious ends by technologically savvy midlife daters. If there's not a group for your particular interest, you can start your own.Once you’ve finished your profile, but before hitting “Submit,” have a friend read it over.A second pair of eyes may spot embarassing typos and tin-eared boasts.He goes line dancing several times a month, is a member of a singles group at Alamo Heights United Methodist Church, and is enrolled in the online dating site Senior People “Back when you were single and in school or had just started working, you were likely to be surrounded by lot of other single people,” says Joan Price, advocate for what she calls “ageless sexuality” and author of “Naked at Our Age” (Seal Press, .95).He came close to getting married awhile back, but that fell through, and now, he says, he's dating several people “casually.” Should he meet the right person and should she, too, feel the same way, “I'd consider getting married again,” he says. Census Bureau, 40 percent of the 90 million Americans older than 45 are single. “Now, few have a clue about what it takes to attract other single people.” One major change?

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