Dating sites with weight

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The scores for the six dating websites (excluding the Hinge app) in the perception study were below average at the 43 percentile).

Plenty of Fish had the lowest trust score (5%), followed by Tinder (10%).

He got in touch to let her know he’d ‘consider’ dating her if she’d only lose some weight.

Her perfect response has now been shared thousands of times online.

But, there’s just one reason he hasn’t ‘made something happen’.—Ok Cupid user Across the dating services, over half of participants reported they were looking for a serious relationship and just under half said they were looking for a casual relationship.Reasons to use the dating services were similar for the website and app, except 42% of desktop website users said they are looking for a friendship while only 29% of mobile app users are looking for friends. While over half of participants reported visiting dating sites to find a serious relationship, only 22% said they’ve actually found a relationship through the service.Most participants reported visiting their dating website on a desktop or laptop computer a few times per year, while mobile app users said they log on a few times a week or a few times a month.19% of participants reported using the mobile app as much as once a day.

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