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There’s a misconception that, because there are massive parties and beach parties in various parts of Mexico, the Mexican people like to party. Generally speaking, Mexican people party quite differently than their North American counterparts.

To be completely frank, organization, reliability, and following through with promises are characteristics that do not run strong in Mexican culture.

However, I quickly figured out that there was more to her than I anticipated.

There were several things that first drew me to her: I was lucky when I met her, so I thought I should pass the luck on to you.

However, Playa Del Carmen women are usually a lot more open than those at home.

They were all the same – demanding drinks, talking nonsense, and leading me on…Then I came to Playa Del Carmen and realized that this can be true of all women in the world!

When I lived in America I started to get quite tired of them.

This is why: After three years of living in Playa Del Carmen, I’ve come to learn the subtleties of the different women you can find here. But, then again, I’ve got a Benjamin Franklin-style beer belly and often get drunk to the point of speaking in tongues (Pentecostal preachers beware).

However, I’ve written this mini-guide on Playa Del Carmen women just to make your life a bit easier.

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