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Returning to North America in mid-April, Garbage taped an in-studio show for music show Fuse Comp'd on April 20.The set included "Why Do You Love Me", and was the last TV recording of the song of the initial campaign as follow up single "Bleed Like Me" was released in May.In the United Kingdom, A&E Records began their single release campaign by licensing a short clip of "Why Do You Love Me" for use on the Brit Awards broadcast as an intro theme for Shirley Manson who was there to announce the nominees and winner of that year's Best Live Act award (the winner that year was Garbage's label-mates Muse).A few days later, on February 18, "Why Do You Love Me" received its UK premiere on the BBC Radio 1 Jo Whiley Show.

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"Why Do You Love Me" was championed by a number of stations including WXRK in New York, WKQX in Chicago, KNDD in Seattle, XTRA in San Diego and Orlando's WOCL.Manson: "We chose "Why Do You Love Me" as the first single because it has a lot of mood shifts and embodies the whole record.I feel that at the base of everyone there's a belief that we're truly lovable.The first versions sent to radio worldwide had varied between the album version and a clean version, removing the word "shit".In France, the middle 8 section of the song was removed for airplay.

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