Dating film

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It’s quite refreshing, and this show makes it clear that they’re not always necessary. Culvenor told Vulture, “That was a real credit to Netflix for trusting us.

A lot of other outlets wouldn’t have had that same trust and wouldn’t have taken that risk.”He did say, however, that they were tempted, but skipped it because it wouldn’t have been true to the dating experience:“We had to fight that instinct, because we knew that’s the great and terrifying thing about going on a first date.

The post-production things were obviously done distinctly different from other shows.We wanted to stay in those moments.”Eureka Productions’ Chris Culvenor told Vulture that in casting, producers “really wanted to look for people who wouldn’t go on shows like this,” and applied the same mentality to staffing the production:“…that’s a brush that we painted across every aspect of the show.Even the directors were people who came from more scripted and cinematic background.You’re sitting opposite someone, and you might know what they’re saying, but you have no idea what’s going on in their head.To truly capture a dating experience, we wanted to not give the audience that cheat, where you cut away to another day in a private room where they can speak freely.

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