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I sometimes call it the behavior plan 'cheat sheet' or cliff notes.Simply, empty text boxes are placed beside each number (5 point scale of course) on the curve for the author to describe the most important details of each 'level' of anxiety.The 'other side' of the crisis on the curve gives room for describing what the calming individual may feel or need, eventually returning to the 'typical' daily routine.I often use this worksheet at meetings when learning about a new student, or when consulting with parents or teachers about a student having difficulty.It is meant to prompt us to take care of our own needs so that when it is imperative that the individual with autism has assistance from someone they can trust, that we can indeed provide it. If you meet a girl and you are interested in getting to know her better, you might want to think about what level of this scale you are at and what level she is at. You might feel like a 5 and she might only feel like a 3.

By scheduling times to "check in", you can proactively teach the use of the scale.

Boxes '3' and '4' are primarily for the caregiver to assist with the calming process in a very quiet and calm manner.

The individual with autism at a '4' is not able to manage many choices or decision-making.

Make small laminated scales for staff or parents to carry with them to prompt the person to remember the scale lesson.

You can hold up the small scale and touch the number you think the person is at, then slide your finger down the scale to the 2 or 1 level.

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