Dating a professional boxer Married adult chat in sydney

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Although neither of them confirmed they were dating and simply said they were close friends.Kate del Castillo a famous actress once married to the former Mexican soccer player Luis Garcia, didn’t have any intention to start a relationship with a younger man, after her second failed marriage to young actor Aaron Diaz, she had had enough; it was Kate’s dad actor Erick Castillo two told media el Canelo pretended his daughter but she just wasn’t into him. It was rumored El Canelo could share the starring role in Juan Osorio’s soap opera base on him with his former flame Marisol Gonzalez, although Marisol hasn’t confirm her participation in the production set to next June.Canelo is one of the many nickname his fans have become familiar with, other nickname Alvarez had had are Cinnamon, Redhead, and Redheaded horse, but I am pretty sure the ladies who had dated him call him Saul.Among these ladies is Marisol Gonzalez this ridiculously sexy girl is the 30-year-old actress, former beauty pageant, sports reporter born in Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico on March 12, 1983.Her second album “Provocame” (Provoke me) was released in 2008, and “Tu como Yo” (You like Me) her third album was released in 2010 as an actress Ms.Rodriguez has been in over 7 soap operas in Tv Azteca and has been the hostess in several tv shows like Festival Azteca Music.I know there will be many men who would turn their faces to look at Marisol, but I trust her.Marisol and Canelo announced their engagement in December, 2011, they broke up shortly after that announcement but reconciled in 2012, but broke up for good in May of that same year, she was linked to Mexican soccer player Rafael Marquez and Canelo to actress Kate del Castillo, who was seen giving her full support at his fight against Shane Mosley in Las Vegas.

“Aparte de lo hermosa que es por fuera, en su interior lo es mucho más. Mi vida privada es importante, pero entiendo que estoy expuesto ante los medios.

But Canelo Alvarez didn’t stay single, weeping over Kate’s rejection, media started to follow his every step and that led them to the sexy Cynthia Rodriguez.

The 29-year-old contestant in La Academia the Mexican reality musical talent show similar to American Idol, where Cynthia finished fourth.

En este momento se está cuidando de las cámaras, por precaución, pues llevan poquito, aunque estoy seguro de que en cuanto esta nota salga a la luz, ninguno lo negará”, That’s right, he is happy with Cynthia Rodriguez who is very pretty, the truth is that he has always been lucky with the ladies, and now it is Cynthia who won her way to his heart, he is madly in love with her.

Overwhelmed by her looks and personality , he asked her to go on a date and then to take the next step and try dating.

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