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She said: ‘I think it all stems from society struggling to normalise relationships between able-bodied and disabled people.

People will see Alex and think, “What’s a young lad like that doing with her?

‘We learnt the hard way that shock is a trigger too, after a friend jumped out on me as a joke and I fainted.

He felt awful, but knows not to do it now.’ In January 2015 things came to a head and Jasmine ‘completely crashed’ – ending up bedbound for a month.

” ‘When we are out on dates, though, he will purposefully squeeze my hand or do something like that, to make it clear we are a couple.

‘It can be very difficult to get an ME diagnosis, as there is no set test for it,’ said Jasmine. ‘Doctors were struggling to tell the difference, as they look outwardly similar, but I could tell them apart.She continued: ‘The Po Ts in particular was very bad.I couldn’t even sit up in bed without fainting.’ But, having become her official boyfriend when they were 15, Alex was by Jasmine’s side throughout.‘People will also speak over my head, directly to him, or even see the chair as an open invitation to ask questions.‘It’s fine if it’s children, as they are still learning, but adults can be very rude.

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