Carbon dating th process

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It's development revolutionized archaeology by providing a means of dating deposits independent of artifacts and local stratigraphic sequences.

Libby in 1949, and has become an indispensable part of the archaeologist's tool kit since.

Frink 2001 Results of Recent Oxidizable Carbon Ratio Dating at Lake Naconiche Sites. 1997 A Compendium of Radiocarbon and Oxidizable Carbon Ratio Dates from Archaeological Sites in East Texas, with a Discussion of the Age and Dating of Select Components and Phases.

1995 An Archaeological Survey of the Nature Conservancy's Peachtree Rock Preserve.

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If the sample is freshly burned there will be no oxidizable carbon because it would have all been removed by the combustion process. Prehistoric and Historic Excavations at Site 9Gw347, Annistown Road Improvement Project, Gwinnett County, Georgia. It is important to note that the OCR dating method is, like any scientific procedure, subject to testing, evaluation, and refinement. Horry County, South Carolina: Prehistoric Sequence and Settlement on the North Coastal Plain of South Carolina. Loubser, and Mary Beth Reed 1997 Phase III Data Recovery at Four Prehistoric Sites in the Horton Creek Reservoir Project Area, Fayette County, Georgia. Anales del Instituo de la Patagonia 1-237 Patterson, Leland W. La Tierra: Journal of the Southern Texas Archaeological Association 25(1):46-48. Dates for Formation of Huntington Mound, Fort Bend Co., Texas. The Oxidizable Carbon Ratio method was the subject of a Point–Counter Point feature of the Society for American Archaeology Bulletin in 1999. New South Associates, Inc., Stone Mountain, Georgia. New South Associates, Inc., Stone Mountain, Georgia. Cantley 1995 Archaeological Testing of Three Sites Along the SR 21, Effingham and Screven Counties, Georgia. 2005 Temporal Trends in Tchula Period Pottery in Louisiana. Submitted to Houston Archeological Society Journal Patterson, L. Mc Clure 1996 Additional Excavations at Marik Site, Wharton Co., Texas. Mc Clure 1997 Investigations at Site 41FB245, Fort Bend County, Texas. East Texas Archaeological Society Newsletter 8(6):3-5 Perttula, Timothy K., Mike Turner, and Bo Nelson 1997 Radiocarbon and Oxidizable Carbon Ratio Dates from the Camp Joy Mound (41UR144) in Northeast Texas.

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