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Avenida Houston is the city's epicenter for dining, entertainment, art and much more.Located on Avenida de las Americas between the George R.She noted that such cameras require a great deal of weather protection in climates like ours.As millions watched Last year’s red-tailed hawk and great blue heron nest cams set up by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology each recorded more than 2 million viewers, a phenomenal number.Bird’s eye view Welcome to the era of “nest cams,” providing live and intimate looks into birds at their nests, using the latest in broadband Internet and video streaming.There are thousands of cameras around the world pointed at bird nests, sharing live images with their avid audiences.The only possible downside is that nature is unpredictable and can appear cruel to the uninitiated.

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Another plus: both the Nongame Wildlife Program and Cornell Lab enjoyed increased traffic to their organizations’ other web pages by those who started out on the web cam sites.

We do not allow ATV’s or other motorized recreational vehicles on our property, so you can be assured of a quiet site, where the only sounds you will hear are the lapping of waves on the rocks, wind blowing through the old white pines, or songbirds singing in the treetops.

Whether you are looking for a location for a short field trip or day-long meeting, have a weekend retreat needing meals and lodging, want to schedule a company party or banquet, or need to rent the entire center for a larger group, the Audubon Center of the North Woods provides a conveniently located, affordable and natural setting for your group or event. How about tips on how to make the most of your time in a specific city?

That’s almost always been hidden, tucked away inside a cup nest back in a shrub or within a tree cavity. Now we’re right there, shoulder to shoulder with parent birds, figuratively perched on the rim of the nest.

We watched a female red-tailed hawk lay her eggs last year in a stick nest atop an athletic field light pole in Ithaca, N. We’re entranced by a fluffy puffin chick in an underground burrow on an island off the Maine coast, attacking a fish brought in by its parent.

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