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And it's not just a close friendship that has everyone scratching their heads (although I'll admit, that part is very bizarre).

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I told everyone he was my soul mate; I knew,” Heidi said as she tells her husband: “I feel like we have such a sacred bond that no one will ever understand and know.I have a hit success tonight.”Heidi said, “Talking about this and being married for so long I think it’s time for Baby Number 2,” to which Spencer responds, “You need more baby in your life? I’d like to try.”A shocked Spencer said, “Oh, my God.“My daughter’s not on the show, so that part of my life no one will really get to see. But I do talk about what I’m going through, I just don’t bring the cameras in that side of my life.”“I’m a man’s man. “She’s gorgeous, she’s fun, she’s incredibly smart, and I feel like a proud husband,” and they head to dance the night away.At the close of the episode, we are back with Spencer and Heidi.

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