Are junhyung and hara still dating

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She uploaded a series of photos of what looked like a stay at a pension together.The idea of spending the night in a pension with your boyfriend would be assumed by Koreans that sex was involved.She thought that the rumors might have happened because they couldn’t contact each other too often.The couple were spotted wearing couple bracelet and confirmed that their relationship was still going strong.She cried and ruined the atmosphere over something that wasn’t even a big deal 2. Oh hey, totally unrelated, but anytime you can cape for the show that has a host who called comfort women “prostitutes” just a year prior, you gotta do it.

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Cube Entertainment (B2ST) announced that the couple has been dating for about a month.

[ 2,666, -67] Crying won’t make your dating controversy go away.

[ 2,738, -75] It was hilarious how hard Han Seungyeon took it ㅋㅋㅋ 8.

It started when she updated a picture of her kissing her then-boyfriend on her mini homepage.

She also uploaded some pictures on their anniversary and on her birthday.

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