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For example, you cut all of the guys you're dating off because you really really like this one guy you've been dating for 6 months because of that idea that you shave cut everyone off when in fact if you move off of the energy or motive of the guy who you're dating, and lets say he actually isn't feeling as serious as you are or have no intentions on making things monogamous, you're going to find out that you've "lost out" with these other guys. Whether or not it is wrong, I feel is also based off of the persons involved.

If you're dealing with a guy who is only interested in dating and not working toward a commitment or is has split focus between other women he's dating, then it isn't wrong, it's the situation.

Hey Tee Bee, Dating I think you should cut guys off based off of the relationship between you and that one guy, not a time frame.

If you do read it then give me a ‘hoy’ in the comments column, just for my ego. One of the unpleasant side effects of internet dating is attracting losers. Over the years I started to catagorise some of these people – the stalker, the talker, the time waster and what I affectionately call the moron. I read your bio and I’m sure you mother loves you, but you’re just not my type. Stop smiling, kissing, etc at me and move on to the next person. “Why are you ignoring me, what have I done to deserve this? I’ve never met you, I don’t even know you and now we have some fantasy relationship where I’m your best friend who isn’t speaking to you after knowing you for 100 years (10 mins on the internet).

Having said that, if you’re ready and want to know How To Turn A Guy On – read on!

17, 2017Name/Age: Tee Bee, 23Subject of your dilemma: Dating Message: Hey girl!

I’ve caught myself actually cutting guys off because l only “talk” to someone and then we end up not working out so l kinda “lost out”.

l sometimes feel like l shouldn’t put all my eggs in one basket because l'm single but then when l feel like I’ve met a decent guy l don’t wanna be messy l kinda wanna give all my attention to that particular guy.

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