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Amanda Bynes was a prominent child star in the 90s, and later went off the grid around 2015.

At the height of her career, she was a comedic actress with so much potential and the brightest of futures ahead of her.

The signs were already there back in 2012 when she had her first brush with the law, why then, did no one pay enough attention to the troubled star?

In a way, you could almost sense her personal breakdown through her Twitter feed.

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It was in 2008 that she posted, “I’d love to do something that would shock people, something that’s against type.” That was the first sign of trouble.

Amanda wrote, “I feel like people don’t know yet what I can really do.” She felt restricted.

It was due to this feeling that she began acting out.

But she would eat candy in secret and had a big stash of candy in a cupboard.’ However, as it turned out, things went downhill fast between the two BFF’s.

Amanda had allegedly trashed the West Hollywood place leaving the place looking like one big mess.

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